How It All Started

In 2004, I decided to go on an inspirational trip traveling from my home in Sweden to Asia. While traveling through China, I came across a wristwatch that I had never seen before. It had an unique design with numbers on the dial which were shown in Chinese characters. This made a deep impression on me and stuck with me throughout my entire trip.

After returning home from Asia, I could not stop thinking of that particular wristwatch and wondered why most wristwatches looked the same with traditional numbers & markers. So I decided to investigate further and searched everywhere but without any success.

In 2018, I took my own initiative and started my journey to create my own line of wristwatches that incorporates Swedish minimalist design with Chinese culture influence.

Thank you for being a customer and supporting a small independent company, it means everything to us.

Kennet Tao

Founder & CEO